Yes, that's Raven Coven, catching up on all the good news that was lost in the shuffle of movement between the veil and the present!

The Midwest Michigan Witches Ball, in its 15th season, was a huge success and those of us who were able to attend had a wonderful time.  Our HPS was unable to attend due to officiating at another handfasting, but we are told that the celebration was much like ours was at the ball (we hope not!).  I don't know about anyone else but I had a terrific time meeting other like-minded souls & supporters who just wanted to peer through another looking glass at their grand reflections.  Can't wait for next year's ball, which, we are told we will be sponsoring yet again.  Woo Hoo!  Par-tay!!!

Samhain was a swirl of leaves and mist for those who attended our invitation-only ritual.  We would like to thank all who attended and count ourselves blessed by the magick brought forth and released.  Our Samhain bonfire was a sight to be seen!

As we all know with all magickal workings, the intent we bring forth and place on the Altar of Life is what gives us the balance that we strive for in our own lives.  We are reminded in little ways (and not just by our HP or HPS) that love resounds in us all--we are the gatekeepers in all of our workings, whether magickal or mundane. 

So, as the days lead us into darkness we must remind ourselves that even in the darkest of night we, ourselves, are flame--full of brightness, passion, abundance, and resourcefulness.  We are the light that beckons to others; we are the hope seen in another's eye.  With this in mind, Raven Coven will be spending Thanksgiving in service to others, helping out at neighborhood food pantrys and soup kitchens throughout Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana.  We encourage others to help as well and hope that as you give of your time, so too does love grow.